who are we?

We are one of the main programs of the Tafilah Women Charity society TWCS, which seeks to help solve family problems in order to enable family members to live in a safe family environment. Established at the end of the year 2104, located in the center of the Governorate, in which we provide free psychological and social support services and legal, health and legal advice also to women in particular and to family members in general in Tafilah Governorate, either through the phone (hotline) or personal interview / individual counseling at the center's office with a specialized and qualified staff (10 Full-time employees/case managers and family guides).

شعار مركز أمل

Our vision : Towards a safe and non-violent family in Tafilah Governorate .

Our mission: To raise awareness about the importance of family counseling .

Contact Information

Location: Tafilah Women Charity society – Downtown
Hotline: 0777149409 ) 8 am - 6 pm( all week except Fridays
The counseling office from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.


Raising awareness of the importance of family counseling.
Enabling family members to perform their social roles properly.
Contributing to the treatment of family problems and the negative phenomena facing the family.
Providing family counseling services for individuals who are ready for marriage (males and females).
Training female counselors to be qualified for individual and group counseling, other than training techniques and skills for dealing with the counseling hotline.

Mechanisms of action

Hotline: The hotline provides prompt, immediate consultation services with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.
Case management office: The national procedures for managing the case are followed by empowered women case managers, and the information is kept with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.
Free Consultation Unit: It has female specialists providing free counseling, social, and health, psychological, and legal services.
Erwim Center for Community Services: Founded in 2018 to serve the local community in Al-Hussein area, which does not contain any feminist associations that support women in it.
Awareness workshops for diverse segments of women, such as housewives or students in school.

Achievements of Amal Center for Family Guidance (2014 - 2020)

Radio program: 36 radio episodes of the center’s program entitled “Windows” and “Your Home Amer” program were prepared and broadcast in cooperation with Tafila Technical University Radio, during the years (2016-2020).

Training programs:
Training of male and female counselors on the topic of family counseling is intended for graduates majoring in Psychology and Counseling.
Training those who are about to marry, males and females, through a team of health educated men and women trained to use the guidebook for those about to get married.

Community Awareness Program: is dedicated to housewives and includes 3 parts: family management, family violence and reproductive health.

Issuing the booklet "My Story", which included a presentation of 17 cases of family problems in Tafilah Governorate.

Child Protection Unit
Children's Club Project With the support of the Ministry of Social Development, a Children's Library was established, through which various events were implemented, including the Children's Summer Club and the Salhouf Theater Program that aims in protecting children from abuse.
Psychosocial support sessions with the support of the DRC for children and their mothers.

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