“My vote, my call. Empowering women in southern Jordan to participate in public and political life" 2020 – 2021, Supported by AECID

The purpose of promoting the political role of Jordanian women as an essential guarantee, which one of the main lines of work of the project “Qararuna”. This intervention aims to contribute to this objective through effective promotion of the civic participation of women in southern Jordan, more specifically in Tafilah, Karak, and Ma’an.

Survey to evaluate and identify the main causes and needs of women's participation in the three provinces of action.
15 women's associations under the umbrella of the Women's Unions of the three provinces are trained to act as agents for promoting women's access to local and national politics.
Workshops and awareness-raising activities in communities to promote women's participation in elections as voters.
12 radio episodes with the participation of local authorities and civil society to spread the importance of women's political participation.
Organize theatre plays managed by young people to encourage the importance of the independence vote to deliver the right person.

“Increase the participation of Jordanian civil society organizations in the humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis through gender-based planning "2018, Supported by Anhore

Overall Objective: Increase the participation of local Jordanian civil society organizations in the humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis through gender-based planning.

“Enhancing the participation of women in political and social and funded by the European Union.

Overall Objective: Building the capacity of community-based organizations to promote gender equality and women's political participation.

"Youth of Change ... Youth of Tafila 2018, Supported by United Nations Development Program( UNPD)"

This project aims at activating the role of youth in the community through building their capacities in the field of effective citizenship in Tafila governorate.

“Promoting Women’s Participation in Political and Social Life”2015 -2016, , Supported by EU

The project aims to contribute to democratic reform from a gender perspective. With the support of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, implemented awareness-raising activities in the southern governorates of Karak, Tafila, Ma'an, and Aqaba.

"Youth as Active Citizens" 2016, Supported by DRC"

The project aims to promote the concepts of active citizenship among young people and women in Tafilah governorate. The project is supported by the Danish Refugee Council.

Loan Portfolio 2018, supported by Development / Finance Centers (The Royal Court)

Overall Objective: Financial empowerment of families with low income, especially families where women are the head of the household, through the provision of financing of small household projects. 30 families benefited from these loans by establishing income-generating projects for their families

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