About us

A non-profit voluntary women association in Tafila, established in 2011 to empower women in Tafilah

Tafilah Governate


Tafilah is one of the governorates of Jordan, located about 180 km south-west of Amman, Jordan's capital.

Tafilah Governorate is bordered by Karak Governorate to the north, Ma'an Governorate to the east and south, Aqaba Governorate to the south, and by Israel to the west. The area of this province constitutes 2.5% of the area of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is divided into three districts. The population as of 2005 is about 82,000 (i.e. 1.6% of Jordan's population in 2005) living in 32 towns and villages across the governorate ( making it the least populated governorate of Jordan).


Our Mission

Empowering women socially through building safe families in Tafila Governorate.


Our Vision

Raise the women's’ awareness in their states: social, legal, economic, health, and political.


Raising awareness of family members towards a safe family environment.
Empowerment of women (socially, culturally, financially, professionally, health) in Tafila governorate.
Attain the support of young people and decision makers regarding the importance of family counseling and gender equality cases.
Providing in-kind assistance to needy families, especially where women are the head of the household.

Our Parteners

Jordan River Foundation
مؤسسة نهر الاردن
اتحاد المرأة الاردنية
اتحاد المرأة الاردنية
جمعية النساء العربيات
جمعية النساء العربيات AWO
مركز عدل للمساعدة القانونية
مركز عدل للمساعدة القانونية
جمعية معهد تضامن النساء الاردنى
جمعية معهد تضامن النساء الاردنى Sigi
الشبكة العربية للتربية المدنية " أنهر "
الشبكة العربية للتربية المدنية ” أنهر “

Contact Information

Email: t_lady_char@yahoo.com

Hot line :00962777149409

Phone Number:00962 0775772420

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